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A complete meal. No compromises.


This is the real deal – a real meal, the simplest way possible. HLTH Code is formulated by a metabolic scientist (say hi to Dr. Ben Bikman) to have the right combination of nutrients at the right ratios and potencies to make a difference in your health – in other words, every ingredient counts. When you swap in this super shake, you’re replenishing your cells with the cornerstones of ideal nutrition, delivered without compromise (because why bother with good choices if they’re not actually good for you?). Down with mis-nourishment. Here’s to your HLTH.

What people are saying about HLTH Code

3 x Premiership Winning
Australian Rules Champion
Jason Akermanis

As a professional athlete, I prioritised a healthy diet as an integral component of my overall training regime to ensure I had the energy and stamina to compete at the elite levels required as a member of a premiership winning team. As an advocate of the low carb lifestyle for over twenty years, I wish I’d had the benefit of the HLTH Code meal replacement program as part of my dietary plan.

Hlth Code shakes have exceeded my expectations in their capacity to provide me ongoing energy throughout the day. My morning shake sustains me for hours whilst helping me to stay trim and healthy and support my active lifestyle and that is why I highly recommend HLTH Code.

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Get more of what your body needs. A spectrum of the best protein sources, healthy fats and superfoods. Absolutely no GMOs, added sugar, or artificial anything.